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Machine Rebuilders, Retoolers, Retrofitters

A CNC machine rebuild, retool or retrofit from Ingersoll CM Systems can get your machines running like new again, thereby increasing productivity and saving you valuable time and money.

CNC Machine Refurbishing, Rebuilding, Retooling, Retrofitting

CNC machines wear out. Sometimes there just isn't room in the budget to buy new. Ingersoll CM Systems can help you identify a cost-effective solution to get your machine back in production. Whether it is a simple repair or a full refurbishment and control retrofit, we have the experience and skills to get it done.

We provide field repair, rebuild, retool, and retrofit services on a wide range of equipment from leading manufacturers. Whether you have a dedicated machine or a standard CNC, Ingersoll CM Systems can evaluate your situation and develop a solution that meets your timing and budgetary requirements.

CNC Machine Rebuild

Machine tool rebuilding is a complete overhaul of a machine to its original mechanical specifications. Rebuilds do not include replacing the CNC controls. With a rebuild, the mechanical components of the machine are cleaned, inspected, and and reassembled using new or re-machined components returning the machine to its original design specifications. 

Signs that machine needs a rebuild include growing downtime and costs. If the CNC controls are operating fine, but the mechanical elements of the machine are wearing down, the machine is a good candidate for a mechanical rebuild evaluation.

CNC Machine Retool

Retooling involves all the activities of a rebuild, plus a redesign of the machine to improve its productivity and performance. With retooling, a machine is modified and programmed to integrate process changes or change of work pieces.

For convenience, our technicians are able to preform most of our retooling work at the customer’s site. This reduces downtime and eliminates the need to ship heavy equipment. 

We are able to retool our own equipment as well as equipment from other machine makers. 

As part of retooling, we conduct a thorough analysis of a machine's health. This eliminates unnecessary work and also allows us to target the needed improvements.

CNC Machine Retrofit

A CNC retrofit is the replacing of CNC controls, along with servos and spindle motors, drives, electrical components. Retrofit are done on mechanically sound machine that have outdated controls. Upgrades or additions are applied to an existing machine. Often, these are controls additions or complete replacement of machine control​. Retrofits generally take far less time, and are more economical, than buying a new machine. 

We are skilled at Fanuc & Siemens control systems, the leading CNC controls in the world. In most cases, our retrofit work can be done at a customer's site, eliminating the need for removing and transporting equipment.

As part of our retrofit work, we conduct an onsite engineering visit to gather data. This gives us the knowledge to begin the software development. We then build the control kit and electrical cabinet at our facility, then revisit the customer to install the unit, train the customer, and review documentation.


What Our Satisfied CNC Rebuild Customers Say

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Why Choose Ingersoll for CNC Machine Rebuilding?

We apply our 50 years of custom machine design and integration to your CNC rebuilding needs.We have the experience to get your machine tool working the right way again.

We Are Experienced
CNC is what we do. We have 50 years experience. 
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We know the intricacies of CNC machines and machining processes.
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Clients keep coming back to us. We work hard to earn our client's trust.